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President of Compassionate Muse

I reached out to Genevieve Castro of Bespoke Skyn with a couple of skin issues and questions that I've noticed have taken stronger hold during the recent Covid-19 shutdown.  Stress, fatigue and puffiness have really shown up on my face and noticeably so, when comparing pictures of myself to the same time last year.  Genevieve provided a virtual skin and makeup consultation unlike any (in-office) consult I've experienced.  She really listened to my issues, and asked me great questions that got me thinking about the importance of beauty from the inside-out as being the most important focus (love this!).  We discussed diet, exercise, self-kindness and self-forgiveness as well as my current skin care routine and a "placement problem" I've been having with my makeup concealer.  In the end, I came away with a comprehensive custom skin-care roadmap along with product recommendations that fit my budget AND a better technique for my concealer.  I couldn't be happier in my experience with Genevieve!  Her grace, attentiveness and inexhaustible knowledge of skin care and makeup made me feel like I could really make some positive changes in my self-care.  I will definitely be going back and I highly recommend Bespoke Skyn services.

"I absolutely love working with Genevieve and would highly recommend her to anyone!"

L. Stronach

Genevieve has given me so much confidence to take care of my skin! In the past I've always found barriers to good skin care - lack of knowledge, expensive products/treatments and lack of time to dedicate to self care. Working with Genevieve, I've managed to find solutions for all of that and taking care of my skin is my biggest priority. Pre-Covid I'd get to see Genevieve at the spa for facials every 3 - 4 months (far less frequent than I'd like!). I'd leave with glowing skin, lots of incredible skincare information and new products to try. I'd use the products religiously for a few weeks but never get into a routine that I could keep up with. 


While spas have been closed (and becoming pregnant with my first child), Genevieve has been able to help me hone in my skincare routine in a way that really works for me. Through video consultations she was able to listen to my skincare concerns, take stock of the products I had to hand, recommend products I was missing and create step-by-step plans for me to follow. I now have a morning routine, an evening routine and a deep cleansing routine to follow. I've learned how to correctly use the right peel for my skin and even how to micro-needle, which I never thought I'd do at home! I feel really empowered to pick the right products for my skin and love that I have Genevieve as a resource to answer all of my questions! She takes such care to answer all questions and is an absolute fountain of knowledge on all things skincare, from recommending an effective serum that's within budget to recommending different tools. 


I absolutely love working with Genevieve and would highly recommend her to anyone, no matter the skincare concern. On top of being incredibly experienced, she's an absolute breath of fresh air to talk to and truly cares about her clients. 

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